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The Essential Podcast for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

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Welcome to
"Brainstorm with            "

the premier podcast for entrepreneurs and business owners seeking a holistic approach to success.
Join Meirav "May Rose" Rosenberg, a dynamic CEO with a rich tapestry of experiences, as she guides you through the intricacies of business innovation, strategic leadership, and emotional intelligence.
  • Diverse Expertise: From her beginnings as an army veteran to becoming a visionary business leader, Meirav brings a unique blend of discipline, creativity, and strategic thinking. Her multifaceted background offers listeners a wealth of knowledge across various domains.

  • Strategic and Heartfelt Leadership: Discover the power of leadership that combines rigorous strategy with genuine empathy. Meirav's approach to leadership not only drives business success but also fosters a culture of support and empowerment.

  • Holistic Business Strategies: Beyond conventional business advice, Meirav shares holistic strategies that address both the logistical and human elements of running a business. Learn to navigate the complex business landscape with a balanced approach.

  • Empowering Community Engagement: Join an engaging community of forward-thinking entrepreneurs. Benefit from a platform that encourages collaboration, mutual support, and shared insights for collective advancement.

"Brainstorm with          " transcends the traditional business podcast, offering a journey into the heart of entrepreneurial success through a blend of strategic excellence and compassionate leadership.
Join us on this transformative adventure,

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About May.

Meirav "May Rose" Rosenberg's journey is a testament to resilience, innovation, and independence, marking her as a beacon of inspiration in the entrepreneurial world. Her path from an army veteran to a leading entrepreneur is filled with high-profile experiences and personal challenges, including the loss of her father in a tragic accident at a young age and the joys and demands of motherhood.

From Discipline to Leadership

Emerging from a disciplined military background, Meirav seamlessly transitioned into the entrepreneurial arena, adeptly navigating the complexities of motherhood alongside the challenges of a rapidly growing career. Her professional path is distinguished by high-profile encounters in her PR role, where she engaged with luminaries such as Former President Obama, Shimon Peres, Joan Rivers, and the Real Madrid players. These experiences not only enriched her journey but also expanded her understanding of success. Furthermore, navigating through significant personal milestones, including divorce and single parenthood, Meirav has cultivated a distinctive outlook on achieving success, blending personal resilience with professional ambition.

A Journey of Independence

A pivotal realization about the importance of financial and professional independence propelled Meirav to new heights, leading her business to thrive and her team to expand. Her venture into the New York business scene showcased her adaptability and resilience, managing a successful business while raising three children.

Inspiring Entrepreneurial Spirit

Now, at 41, as a mother of three, Meirav embodies the spirit of determination and ambition. Her story illustrates the power of hard work and belief in oneself to overcome obstacles and achieve success. Meirav "May Rose" Rosenberg's narrative is a powerful reminder of the potential within each of us to transform our lives and realize our dreams, making her a true embodiment of entrepreneurial inspiration.

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